Item Coversheet

Item 8.a.


H-GAC as the staff for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board regularly receives funds from the Texas Workforce Commission for the operation of Workforce Solutions, the region’s public workforce system.  Recently the Commission provided Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act dollars to us for workers who lost jobs because of Hurricane Harvey.

Current Situation 

We have an initial allocation of $10,531,000:  (1) provide temporary jobs for clean-up and repair of public facilities or for humanitarian assistance, (2) limited financial assistance for dislocated workers to help them look for work and go back to work, and (3) training for individuals to return to work.  Funds will be available to us for one year.  Temporary jobs may only assist in clean-up and repair for public facilities, not private homes or businesses.


Staff proposes using grant funds as follows:

1.      Contact local governments in the 13-county region to solicit need and identify projects for temporary workers.

2.      Identify individuals interested in temporary jobs, determine them eligible, and refer them to projects through the Workforce Solutions career offices.

3.      Employ temporary workers at project sites through staffing firms available on the list compiled by H-GAC’s Cooperative Purchasing program.

4.      Offer financial assistance and training as needed for individuals in temporary jobs and other dislocated workers as appropriate.


We expect to identify at least 400 temporary jobs and plan to serve at least 1,000 dislocated workers with these funds.  We plan to use 85% or $8.9 million of funds for wages, benefits, and assistance to temporary workers.


Workforce Solutions is also helping individuals apply for disaster unemployment assistance and look for work.  Our Employer Service is actively contacting area employers engaged in construction, maintenance and repair to offer help in listing jobs and referring qualified candidates.  Currently all Workforce Solutions career offices in the region are open and operating.

Funding Source 
Texas Workforce Commission

No, amends budget

Action Requested 

Request authorization to accept $10,531,000 in workforce disaster assistance funds and authorize staff to negotiate contracts with appropriate staffing firms available through H-GAC’s Cooperative Purchasing program. (Staff Contact: Mike Temple)